Applications for the Horizon Europe

What is Horizon Europe?


Horizon Europe is a program of the European Commission funding scientific research and technological innovations through consortium and individual competitions. Details about current competitions can be found on the European Commission’s website.


Individual competitions vs. consortium competitions

  • Entities with legal personality, including: scientific institutions, businesses, various foundations, government administration, local government, international organizations, etc.
  • Entities from member or associated countries;
  • Entities from countries with low or medium levels of national income;
  • And from other non-associated third countries, under strictly defined rules.


Konkursy indywidualne vs konsorcjalne



  1. Cluster competitions – concerning topics specified by the European Commission, aimed at solving specific problems.
    • Cluster 1: Health
    • Cluster 2: Culture, creativity, and inclusive society
    • Cluster 3: Civil security for society
    • Cluster 4: Digital technologies, industry, and space
    • Cluster 5: Climate, energy, transport
    • Cluster 6: Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture, and environment.
  2. European Innovation Council (EIC) Programs:
    • EIC Pathfinder – funding for breakthrough scientific research at early stages of work. Funding amount up to 3 – 4 million Euros.
    • EIC Transition – further support for technologies developed under EIC Pathfinder demonstrating business potential. Funding amount up to 2.5 million Euros.
  3. European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Grants:
    • EIT KICKs – acceleration and mentoring programs for startups, and business partnerships with scientific units aiming to bring innovations to the market.



  1. EIC Accelerator – a competition for SMEs and startups with a market-verified project, offering a breakthrough solution on a European scale with a positive impact on the market, environment, society. The project can be scaled, but implementation involves investment risk. There is no specific competition theme.
  2. EIC Pathfinder Challenges – funding for breakthrough scientific research at an early stage.
  3. EIC Transition – further support for technologies developed under EIC Pathfinder Challenges showing business potential.
  4. EIT – programs supporting startups.


How is the consortium built?


The consortium should consist of at least three independent entities, based in a minimum of three member or associated countries. At least one of the partners must be based in a member state.


What is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL)?


It is a method for estimating the maturity of technology when entering the Horizon Europe program. TRL levels depending on the competition:

  • Cluster Projects: TRL 2 to 8
  • EIC Accelerator: TRL 5/6 to 9
  • EIC Pathfinder: TRL 1 to 4
  • EIC Transition: TRL 4 to 6
  • EIT: TRL 1 to 8


Funding level under Horizon Europe


  • In most competitions: up to 100% of eligible costs
  • In innovative projects carried out by commercial entities: up to 70%, although in some partnerships it may be up to 60%
  • In innovative projects carried out by non-profit institutions: up to 100%