ABGi Poland – over 10 years of experience in financing your innovations 

Who are we?


ABGi Poland is a part of the international consulting company ABGi, which is a member of the Visiativ group specializing in strategic consulting and project financing.


What we do?


For over 10 years, we have been supporting clients in obtaining financing for their projects from European (including the EU Horizon Europe Framework Program) and national funds (including PARP, NCBiR).


We are a partner for companies utilizing space technologies and applying for funding from the European Space Agency (ESA). Since 2022, we have been serving as an ESA Technology Broker and ESA Application Ambassador.


We also support clients in tax relief settlements, particularly in research and development relief.


How do we work?


We are a team of experts with extensive experience in collaborating with business, public, and scientific clients. We are familiar with the requirements of funding and regulatory institutions.


We approach the quality of our work rigorously. We are here to support your organization in building a competitive advantage.

ABGi Poland in numbers

We specialize in obtaining grants in competitions organized by the European Commission and Polish financing institutions.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of R&D, we successfully settle the research and development tax relief for our clients, generating real tax savings for them.


years of experience

2 mln zł

R&D savings for 2023


clients in 2023

38 mln €

grant values in 2023

Our history


Founded in 1990 by an entrepreneur in Lyon and developed by its employees for over 30 years, our firm, a forerunner in the innovation funding consulting, has accelerated sharply since 2015 and has established itself as a key and unique player in this market, both in France and wordwide.

2021 - 2023
Absiskey Polska


Kapitech changes its name to Absiskey and now, in addition to advising the space industry, supports clients in obtaining grants through competitions carried out by the European Commission and national financing institutions.

Additionally, the company begins to provide advisory services in the area of tax relief settlements, with a focus on research and development relief.

In 2022, Absiskey establishes a strategic partnership with ESA and assumes the positions of ESA Technology Broker and ESA Application Ambassador.

Diversification and Digitalisation 


ABGi is pursuing its acceleration and supports the CATALYST plan around 3 axes:  

  • Enhancing innovation taxation funding services (Grants and Patent.Box)  
  • Developing Resources and Skills services  
  • Digitalising services and operational processes 

The period also enabled to implement the ABGi consulting platform, the collaborative interface for innovation assignments. 

2019 - 2021


n 2019, ABGi continued its international expansion with the acquisition of Jumpstart and MSC Associate in the UK, followed by IFTC in Northern Ireland in early 2021.


In 2021, ABGi strengthened its presence in the UK with the acquisition of IFTC in Northern Ireland, and established in Germany through a J.V. with Partner für Innovation & Förderung (PFIF), a pioneer and benchmark player in innovation finding in Germany. 



ABGi Group, with the support and investment of its entire management committee, was acquired by Visiativ. This strategic alliance aimed a, serving a singular ambition in our market:  

  • Address all market segments  
  • Exploit the potential of new technologies by drawing on technological skills  
  • Benefit from the Group’s solidity and strength of execution to support our growth options. 


The firm implemented its internationalisation plan with the acquisition of BGI, an R&D funding consultancy firm based in the United States, and Inventa, based in Brazil, and opened an office in Canada. ACIES Consulting Group then became ABGi Group and positioned itself as a pure player in the funding of research and innovation in France and inernationally.

2015 - 2017
“New Deal”


After several years of market reconfiguration, ACIES Consulting Group, under the impulsion of a new management team, drew up an ambitious new strategic plan, a rael New Deal based on 3 major themes:  

  • Adjusting production capacity to market conditions, 
  • Repositioning in the market, particularly for SMEs 
  • Internationalisation of our activities
Kapitech Polska


In Warsaw, Kapitech is established, specializing in project management and consultancy for the space industry. The company has developed close relationships with, among others, the Polish Space Agency (European Space Agency, ESA).



Founded in 1990, ACIES Consulting Group was the innovation funding consulting pioneer, and quickly established itself as the market leader. Until 2009 and the government’s reforms of Research Tax Credit scheme, the firm dominated its market.