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Resources and skills



We help our customers find, qualify, recruit and make available young doctors  of young doctors, PhDs and R&D engineers to strengthen your teams and boost the skills  and build up the skills you need for your Research and Development projects. 


Ensuring the success of your projects! 


You’re juggling multiple projects, lacking technical or scientific resources, or have resources that fall short… 

While respecting your time, cost and flexibility requirements, we can quickly provide you with the means to achieve your operational objectives. 

To guarantee and ensure the progress of your R&D activities, we strengthen your teams with consultants, young PhDs, engineers or experts with key skills. 


We can help you identify and implement a solution tailored to your needs for qualified scientific resources. 

CIFRECIFRE scholarship

(Industrial agreements for training through research) 


  • Identification of a carrier subject 
  • Formalising the project 
  • Approach to academics and students 
  • Preparing the submission to the ANRT 

Young Doctors 


  • Gathering your requirements 
  • Sourcing and selecting profiles 
  • Putting you in touch with candidates 
  • Recruitment assistance 


Delegation and Recruitment 
R&D technicians 


  • Collect your requirements 
  • Search for and select profiles 
  • Connect with candidates 
  • Delegate or assist in the recruitment process 

We can quickly provide you with resources directly related to your needs through our network of partners and 30 years of expertise. 

Engineers and Young Doctors


  • Resume library 
  • Database of over 300 engineers and young doctors 
  • Responsive to your needs 

Strong links 
with schools and academics 


  • Partnerships with engineering schools 
  • Proximity to Alumni networks 
  • Numerous academic relationships 

30 years of expertise 
in innovation 


  • A forerunner and a key player in CIR 
  • Multi-sector expertise 
  • 76% scientific consultants in our teams 

A tailor-made process to guarantee the recruitment of your future talent. 

Gathering your




Presentation of


Start of

the mission 

Our added value 



The diversity of our teams means that we are in a position to cover the full range of scientific topics. 



We offer consultants, young PhDs, engineers or experts from the best schools who benefit from an ongoing skills development programme as part of our drive to deliver the best possible value. 

Support and assistance 


Follow-up and support from our teams through ourMy Innovation” platform, which accesses all company resources. 



Whether you’re looking for a one-off, mid-term or long-term project, we have the resources to help you succeed. 

To find out how we can help you unlock the innovative potential of your business, contact us.