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Innovation Tax Credit (CII)



CII is an SME-only programme. The scheme is extended until 31 December 2024. 

Every year, 8,000 companies benefit from this scheme and can combine it with the CIR or the JEI, even if more than half of them only claim the CII. 

Innovation Tax Credit (CII) supports SMEs 


It provides support to companies incurring innovation expenditure. Beneficiaries can claim a tax credit equal to 20% of the expenditure incurred in designing and/or producing prototypes or piloting a new product. 

Whether used on its own or combined with other schemes such as CIR or JEI, the CII will help you fund your innovative projects and secure your future growth.  


Eligibility criteria 
  • New product defined in relation to the market 
  • Improving performance in one or more of these 4 areas: eco-design, technology, ergonomics, functionalities 


Types of expenditure 
  • Personnel 
  • Depreciation and amortisation 
  • Innovation services 
  • Patents, designs and models 



We ensure that technical and financial analysis are complete, maximising RTC and ensuring alignment with your project portfolio maturity. 


We will defend your case until all appeals have been exhausted in the event of Tax audit. 


Our risk-based approach gives you a clear view of each project’s issues, risks and costs, so you can make better decisions. 


To help you manage your contract with no surprises, we provide a range of simple, effective and customisable reporting tools. 

To find out how we can help you unlock the innovative potential of your business, contact us.