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International schemes


The challenges of innovating are international. When initiating a new project, your researchers develop a global state-of-the-art.  You’ll be wondering about the most appropriate geographical area to open a new research centre or build a pilot plant.  ABGi helps large groups and SMEs to activate and optimise their national systems, with offices and a network in Europe and America. 

national systems, in compliance with legislation and regulations. 



International schemes map 

If you are operating globally, you need to be aware of the various tax incentives available to help you fund research and development in the most efficient way. You want a consolidated view of the situation because your local teams are not familiar with all the specifics of each scheme. Which countries offer the most attractive tax incentives? 

Led by an ABGi Project Manager based in France, and in close collaboration with our local teams, we draw up a comprehensive map summarising all the local schemes available to you, including the challenges and constraints in each case. In this way, you will be in a position to decide in which countries you would like to use which systems, over what period of time and with what results. 


Setting up and optimising schemes 


In a context of constant competition and innovation, in order to retain their researchers and attract the R&D centres of major corporations, all OECD countries are constantly strengthening their tax systems or developing new ones. This competition has come at a time of stricter and more complex tax rules and regulations, with recent BEPS developments making transfer pricing and IP management even harder to manage. 

Do you operate in one or more countries and have you decided to use the schemes available to you? Have you activated all these schemes and want to optimise their use to improve your financing rate? Re-invoicing flows, R&D sub-contracting, relocation of R&D teams or centres, centralisation of IP are all levers to be considered while continuing to comply with local tax rules and the BEPS directives. 



We have extensive knowledge of funding schemes and instruments around the world through our international presence. 



Our role is to mobilise all appropriate funding sources for your project in order to maximise its funding.  



Our in-depth knowledge of the funding agencies and/or bodies will be your guarantee that your investment projects will have the right funding. 



Our proximity to the innovation ecosystem in all of our locations can be useful in labelling work, thereby increasing your funding rates. 

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