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How to structure the innovation function



Like all business functions, the innovation function is a “business within a business”. By its very nature, innovation is cross-functional, and the effectiveness of the innovation function depends largely on the ability to create cross-functional relationships within the company and a culture of openness to the outside world (open innovation). 


Benefit from ABGi’s experience and expertise


What is the ambition and direction for the innovation function of my organisation? 

Is the current organisational structure relevant? Is it capable of supporting my vision? 

What are the best practices in the industry? 

The effective implementation of the ‘innovation’ vision and ambition is closely linked to choosing the right organisational model, the right mix of resources and roles and responsibilities, the agility and interconnectedness of processes, and the tools used to ‘drive’ creativity and communication. 


The relevance of the system and its alignment with the company’s strategy must serve a single purpose: to support the ambition set for creating value.  Using appropriate indicators, the innovation function must also be able to demonstrate its performance and show the ROI of its actions. 

Our approach is based on a key diagnostic phase to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current model, co-construct the innovation vision and ambition, and design the target system and trajectory for successful change. 

Our added value 




Get a clear picture of technical and technological trends, current and future markets, growth options and opportunities, and barriers. 




Analyse and use your company’s data and ecosystem in the light of best practice, and provide the company with key decision-making and arbitration factors to support its development. 




Investigate and recommend the best solutions for appropriate governance, an agile organisation and processes, and the tools to ensure that innovation is effective. 

A shared



Deploy a system and/or processes embodied by and for your teams to drive sustainable high performance innovation. 

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