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Innovation performance



Having a structured Innovation function does not guarantee efficiency and performance. The key to creating the right alchemy is your agility in bringing your processes to life operationally, effectively implementing your open innovation strategy, or instilling a culture of innovation across all departments and services in your organisation. 


The support of our experts to improve the performance of your innovation process. 


The support of our experts to improve the performance of your innovation process.


ABGi’s services are designed to assist you in managing change, initiating a continuous improvement process or delivering a strategic initiative.

  • How can I foster creativity in my organisation to increase the flow of ideas and the speed of project implementation?
  • What initiatives can I take for the development and operational implementation of open innovation?
  • What relevant dashboard should I have in place for performance measurement of the innovation function?
  • Is my communication with the market and my employees in line with my organisation’s vision of innovation?
  • My R&D and marketing teams struggle to communicate. How can these functions be better in touch with one another?

No matter what your challenge is, we have the resources to help you improve your processes, performance and culture of innovation.

    Our added value 



    Get a clear picture of technical and technological trends, current and future markets, growth options and opportunities, and barriers. 



    Analyse and use your company’s data and ecosystem in the light of best practice, and provide the company with key decision-making and arbitration factors to support its development. 



    Investigate and recommend the best solutions for appropriate governance, an agile organisation and processes, and the tools to ensure that innovation is effective. 

    A shared


    Deploy a system and/or processes embodied by and for your teams to drive sustainable high performance innovation. 

    To find out how we can help you unlock the innovative potential of your business, contact us.