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Marketing innovation



A company’s ability to innovate is a key factor in differentiating itself from the competition, developing or penetrating its market and increasing its profitability. However, innovation often represents a significant investment and risk for the company, even if it is partly funded by existing incentives. By providing the right insights and decision-making tools to help you make the best strategic choices, innovation marketing helps to minimise this risk. 


ABGI can assist with all the upstream studies necessary to launch and commercialise a good, service or innovative solution.


Innovation marketing encompasses all marketing techniques and practices specific to an innovation environment. 


For example, companies should:  

  • Implement specific product policies over often short cycles (product innovation, brand creation, product testing, protection, etc.). 
  • Facilitate and/or ensure market understanding of the innovation 
  • Adapt and/or adjust the marketing channel 
  • Launch products and services  


Regardless of the issue, the ABGi teams can work with you to provide the levers for effective action tailored to your requirements. 


Our added value 

Added value 


Managing assignments with a dual objective: accelerating innovation and optimising the ROI of the innovation function .


Multidisciplinary team  


A combination of strategic, scientific, financial, legal and marketing skills. 


Sector expertise 


Develop expertise by business area. Capitalise on best practice. 


Project management 


Know-how to get all the players involved in these strategic studies and maximise the collective effort. 

To find out how we can help you unlock the innovative potential of your business, contact us.