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Aerospace and Aeronautics


Nearly 5,000 companies operate in the aerospace sector in France. 

The sector employs over 250,000 people (around 7% of French industry) and generates over €100 billion in turnover. 



Challenges for the sector 


The aeronautics sector has been growing steadily since 2009. As such, it is a major contributor to the national and international reputation of France. French aerospace companies must invest heavily in R&D and innovation to remain competitive. 


Today, research and development (R&D) is carried out by one in four aerospace companies. Between technological innovation, controlling costs and combating climate change, this sector must also find solutions to meet tomorrow’s energy and environmental challenges. 

Technological issues 


What’s more, the aerospace industry faces major challenges in sourcing, especially when dealing with numerous electronic components. Being able to manage the centralisation and feedback of data – technological intelligence, strategic intelligence and competitive intelligence – is therefore crucial. Beyond processing massive amounts of data, digital transformation is central to innovating. 


The aerospace sector is currently structured around a number of R&D areas, including vehicle electrification, hydrogen engines, satellite constellations, and space debris mitigation and recovery. 


The health crisis has in no way been a brake on innovation in the sector. By 2020, 16 per cent of businesses plan to launch new product innovation projects and 14 per cent plan to launch new process innovation projects. 

Multiple areas of innovation 




Climate change and growing awareness of the sector’s environmental impact are driving innovation towards a technological breakthrough in new propulsion systems. 





On-board computing power, flight data collection and the emergence of artificial intelligence are revolutionising the piloting and management of aircraft, both on the ground and in the air. 





Reaching Mars requires new technologies in propulsion, energy management, space guidance, and orbital construction and fabrication. 


of space


Key issues include the fight against climate change and space exploration. Observing exoplanets and monitoring future satellite constellations are pushing the boundaries of science. 


Our Aerospace and Aeronautics experts

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Aurore TINANT, Scientific Expert

Aurore TINANT - expert scientifique ABGi

Aurore holds a PhD in Astrophysics – specializing in image processing and analysis (Aix-Marseille University / CPPM / LAM). She has been supporting her clients in the research tax financing sector for 7 years. Its preferred sectors are: IT, Artificial intelligence, Image processing, and Physics / Space sciences.

Lénaïc MALLET, Scientific Expert


Holder of an engineering degree from Telecom Saint Etienne – electronics and embedded systems. He works with clients in the field of tax-funded research and the management of their innovations.

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