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Health and Cosmetics


France is home to a number of world leaders in this strategic sector, which is a major driver of the economy. 

Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, laboratories, medical devices and cosmetics are all represented in the sector. 


Challenges in the healthcare sector


The challenges faced by the healthcare sector are significant and require companies to be constantly at the forefront of innovation. Advances in genetics and genomics are paving the way for the development of new, targeted and effective therapies. These can be tailored to the needs of individual patients. 

The development of drug candidates to address unmet medical needs or improve the efficacy of existing therapies is based in part on statistical and computational analyses of genomic databases and the scientific literature. 

What’s more, there is intense pressure to get products to market before generics and biosimilars emerge as a result of the race for patents and the subsequent launch of products. 


For patients with chronic diseases in particular, the development of e-health is having a significant impact on patient care. It is now possible to significantly improve the care and quality of life of monitored patients by developing a tool for real-time monitoring of health data and treatment compliance. Due to the specific nature of the diseases being monitored and the sensitive nature of the data being processed, the development of these monitoring tools is challenging. 

New public health challenges and medical needs are also being created by the ageing of the world’s population. 


Finally, innovation in healthcare is being driven by new digital technologies (robotics, AI, etc.). 


The challenges facing the cosmetics industry


There are many things to think about when working in cosmetics. 


Natural, high-performance and personalised products are what today’s consumers are looking for. It is a real challenge for laboratories to develop new cosmetic formulations that address the issues of ecology, naturalness and performance. 


The need to develop personalised product ranges that can be tailored to consumers’ needs is also reflected in the development of digital ‘diagnostic’ tools in the field of cosmetics. 

Technological issues


The technological challenges are varied in nature: 

  • High level of outsourcing of R&D activities in the pharmaceutical industry, 
  • Identifying and promoting R&D activities carried out on industrial production sites, 
  • Developing and monetising intellectual property, 
  • Pooling R&D platforms while controlling intellectual property, 
  • Highly regulated activities: regulatory affairs account for a large proportion of the new product development budget, 
  • Implementing open innovation in a competitive business sector where data confidentiality is strong and strict. 

Multiple areas of innovation




Evolution of the care pathway. Advances in genome sequencing are essential if effective medication is to be applied. The cosmetics industry is also calling on manufacturers to offer a tailored, customisable range of products. 




E-health is revolutionising healthcare. From telemedicine to digital patient records and mobile applications, connected health technologies are helping to meet many of the challenges facing medicine in the future. 




Within the cosmetics industry, one of the major trends is consumer demand for ‘premium’ products that are accessible to all: beauty products that can be used at home but are inspired by salons, or natural or organic products. 

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