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In France, more than a quarter of R&D active enterprises have committed ICT R&D expenditure, amounting to EUR 8 billion (or 23% of domestic R&D expenditure).

The sector’s challenges are and will be related to :

Artificial Intelligence


One of the fastest growing and developing technologies is artificial intelligence. Let’s consider the inflection point reached when generative AI is introduced in 2023. AI is set to play a central role in providing solutions to some of the major challenges facing the world. More than ever, and supported by numerous funding programmes, R&D efforts are underway. 

The government launched the National AI Strategy’s second phase in 2022 to accelerate R&D potential. A budget of €2.22 billion (public funding and private co-financing) has been earmarked for AI over 5 years for this second phase. 

Personne Utilisant Outil Ai Au Travail



Cybersecurity has become a priority for organisations, businesses and others against a backdrop of exploding threats and cyberattacks. The growing awareness and investment in defence solutions is evident in the global cybersecurity market, which will grow by more than 11% in the second half of 2023. In order to redefine or create defence strategies, support for research and development efforts is crucial. 

Eco-responsible digital


4% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the digital sector. In the context of the ecological transition, it is everyone’s business to reduce the impact of digital technology. Investment in R&D and innovation, with the support of the France 2030 plan, is essential if we are to design tomorrow’s digital solutions and reduce the digital footprint. 

Multiple areas of innovation




The success of predictive maintenance, and the development of technological challenges linked to onboard systems, rapid response times and the quantities of data to be processed. 

ROS : Embedded



The ROS is a complete operating system that provides high-level functionality (asynchronous calls, synchronous calls, centralised data base, parameterisation system, etc.). 



Improving 3D sensors, facial recognition and biometric accuracy. The challenges involve image quality, identification algorithms and the reliability and security of databases storing biometric information. 

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AURORE TINANT, scientific expert

Aurore holds a PhD in Astrophysics – specializing in image processing and analysis (Aix-Marseille University / CPPM / LAM). She has been supporting her clients in the research tax financing sector for 7 years. Its preferred sectors are: IT, Artificial intelligence, Image processing and Physics / Space sciences.


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