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The ABGi Community of Experts serving your innovation and R&D 



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At ABGi, we recognise that technical and scientific expertise is key, particularly in an environment as dynamic and innovative as yours. We firmly believe that in-house skills play a crucial role in identifying, evaluating and exploiting external knowledge. 

With this in mind, the ABGi Community of Experts was created, bringing together a group of experts in the research and innovation funding. These experts, fully aware of innovation challenges and issues, provide skills dedicated to structuring and funding your innovation, in whatever sector your business evolves. 


A dual objective of excellence and sustainability to support your innovation 


About ten renowned experts in Research & Development in France cover innovation both direct and indirect funding. They offer technical know-how and in-depth knowledge to your company. They aim to improve your innovation structuring and funding with a view to sustainability and excellence. The diversity of skills and perspectives within our community is our greatest strength.


The fundamentals of our approach


The Community capitalises on best practice, consolidates and shares its knowledge within a sector-specific technical knowledge management system. It provides a relevant operational approach based on the consolidation of solid experience, nurtured by a client base that is unique in our market: 

  • 1,300 clients, i.e. 9.6% of RTC Claimers,  
  • 39% of claimer have more than 5,000 employees 
  • 21.5% of claimers have from 250 to 4,9999 employees
  • ABGi covers 13% of the French RTC claimed amount.  


    This approach ensures to keep a constant and exhaustive watch on funding schemes, with regular sector-specific viewpoints, and to actively contribute to the R&D ecosystem. 

    Knowledge Management

    Capitalising on and sharing knowledge and data 

    Skills Management

    Enhancing our employeesskills


    Get involved in and drive the local, regional and national R&D ecosystem

    A community with a broad strategic scope  


    The Community’s expertise stems not only from the development of cutting-edge expertise, but also from their ability to integrate, bring together and continually challenge their expertise, thereby promoting a global understanding of the issues addressed. 

    ABGi France - Communauté des experts

    Consultants experienced in main sectors of R&D activity in France, on both direct and indirect funding. 

    Christophe AUBE 

    PhD in Chemistry and holder of a University Diploma in Invention Patents – CEIPI.

    Pierre Marrion - ABGi

    Pierre MARRION

    General mechanical engineering. He had 5 years of experience in research before joining the consultancy field.

    Lorette Bertin - ABGi

    Lorette BERTIN

    PhD in cancerology and neurodevelopment and Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Genetics.

    Mirelle TER VEER

    PhD in super-resolution microscopy and neuroscience.

    Lenaïc MALLET - ABGi

    Lénaïc MALLET

    Lénaïc graduated from Telecom Saint Etienne in France; he holds an MSc in Telecommunication and Embedded Electronics Systems and an MBA specialized in innovation and entrepreneurship from IRIIG.

    Aurore Tinant - ABGi

    Aurore TINANT

    Aurore holds a PhD in Astrophysics – specializing in image processing and analysis (Aix-Marseille University / CPPM / LAM). She has been supporting her clients in the research tax financing sector for 7 years.

    Marina Marque - ABGi

    Marina MARQUE

    She holds a degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from INSA Lyon.

    Mathieu Evesque - Communauté des experts ABGi

    Mathieu EVESQUE

    PHELMA engineer.

    Amy SIMON

    Holder of a law degree, specialising in public law. She is a consultant in management and performance of organizations for the public sector and supports her clients in structuring and optimizing the sustainable performance of their purchases.