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ABGi, part of Visiativ

ABGI, part of Visiativ


ABGi has joined forces with Visiativ in 2018 to continue and accelerate its development. A strategic alliance serving a unique ambition and positioning: 


Addressing all market segments: leveraging the strength of Visiativ’s local presence and accelerating the deployment of our offering to Visiativ’s customers, particularly in the VSE, SME and SMI segments.  


Exploiting the potential of new technologies: leveraging Visiativ’s technological expertise to accelerate the digitalisation of our business and enhance our value proposition. 


Fostering an entrepreneurial approach and long-term growth: capitalising on Visiativ’s experience and know-how in activating growth options and creating new business models.  


In 2021, in line with this new promise: Platform Innovation, ABGi will roll out CATALYST, Visiativ’s strategic plan, across its entire scope. 


Visiativ in key figures







€277,2 M

turnover in 2023

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