ABGi annual seminars

Experience an unforgettable corporate seminar!

Our annual seminars offer employees a unique opportunity to meet and share in a friendly and stimulating environment. 

We plan engaging group activities designed to promote cohesion and to foster personal and collective development. 

There is also time for relaxation and fun! Our motto is: work with purpose, play with passion. Evenings out, sporting and cultural activities and moments of relaxation are all included in the programme to give our employees an unforgettable experience outside the usual working environment. 

Much more than just a simple annual event. 

This is one of the ways we work to build strong and inclusive cultures across the world. We believe that unified and fulfilled teams drive our collective success. So we value these moments of gathering and sharing where every voice matters, where everyone can contribute, express themselves and feel valued. 

Seminars are an opportunity to build lasting relationships, strengthen team cohesion and promote a positive and friendly working environment. 

We’re proud to share these simple, engaging moments with all our employees. So that they can put our values into practice. 

Take a look back at our seminar in 2023!

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