ABGi – CIA internal conferences

Discover the fascinating world of ABGi Internal Conferences, the inspiration engine of ABGi! 

Welcome to our annual event, the ABGi Internal Conferences. 

They demonstrate our commitment to fostering creativity and learning within our organisation. Each year we offer a dozen volunteer employees the opportunity to step up on stage and share their knowledge and passions, inspired by the famous TEDx conferences. 

Much more than an event, the CIA is an enriching experience involving 6 months of preparation, guided by a Management Committee member to help our participants perfect their presentation and speech. 

speaker aux conférences ABGi

ABGi Internal Conferences offer our employees a unique opportunity to share expertise or inspirational experiences.

Our speakers confidently step up onto the stage and share their passion for their chosen topic with the whole workforce on the big day. These events create a dynamic of sharing and learning within the ABGi community. They are an exceptional opportunity to shine, share knowledge and make a positive impact within our business. 

At ABGi, the CIA reflect our commitment to developing and empowering our talented people. 

speaker conférences ABGi sur scène

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