Electronics and electricity

Electronics and electricity


Chipsets, memories, connectors, photo and video sensors, screens and user interfaces are all electronic components that are constantly evolving in the face of a highly dynamic competitive and standards-based environment. The sector has to come up with innovative solutions through an ever-increasing R&D effort.

The challenges facing the sector 


Digital technology has completely transformed organisations and the electronics and electrical industry is facing some major challenges: 


  • Miniaturisation and diversification (Moore’s Laws and “More than Moore”, creating systems that are smaller, faster, more efficient and consume less energy). 
  • Permanent increase in power (synaptic processors, quantum processors, etc.). 
  • Recyclability (eco-design and end-of-life management of products) and minimising energy consumption. 
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Technological issues


The industry is undergoing a complete transformation and must constantly innovate to meet its new challenges: 

  • Agile R&D processes to optimise development times and time to market. 
  • Constant monitoring of technology and standards to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers. 
  • Intellectual property management (patentability and licensing). 
  • Technological joint venture and pooling of human and material resources (R&D centre) to meet the challenges of future changes in standards. 
  • Setting up research partnerships to mix and push technologies ever further. 
  • Creation of pilot sites and search for associated funding. 

Multiple areas of innovation

IoT and the human-machine connection 


The many challenges and diverse areas covered require electrical, electronic and digital technologies to complement each other. 




Existing technologies such as OTPs need to evolve to meet cybersecurity challenges. Biometric solutions (multimodal, revocable) present a number of technological hurdles that need to be overcome. 




The growth in AI R&D is being driven by improvements in computing tools (supercomputers). There are still many areas to explore in this field, as evidenced by the solutions currently being developed. 

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