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The agri-food sector includes different types of companies: agri-food industries, agricultural cooperatives, crop protection companies, etc. 

Both upstream in terms of agriculture and downstream in terms of agri-food companies, the agri-food industry faces a number of challenges. The industry is one of the most innovative in France.


Challenges for the agri-food sector


As the leading industrial sector in France, the food industry plays a key role in the French economy. It is a highly strategic asset, constantly innovating, exporting and creating jobs. With a turnover of 198 billion euros (2020), it is France’s largest industrial employer. 


One of the key words for the sector is agility. New consumer expectations (healthier and more responsible consumption) are posing new challenges for the industry, affecting innovation and R&D services. 


Not to mention rising costs, traceability and ecology are playing a major role in redefining the sector’s boundaries. For companies in the sector, innovation is essential if they are to maintain their competitive edge in terms of quality and price. 

Multiple areas of innovation 


As part of open innovation initiatives or collaborative projects, local authorities regularly work with pharmaceutical companies and university hospitals.

Preventive archaeology

Preventive archaeology aims to ensure that remains likely to be destroyed by development are detected and studied, both on land and underwater. The government, through various agencies, is involved in the protection of the archaeological heritage through a variety of research activities.


Nuclear energy, largely supported by the public sector through the CEA, ANDRA, ASN, etc., is a strategic sector for France, requiring very long-term research. A key player in public research, this sector is France’s technological flagship. 

Smart Cities

Cities and regions are leading the way when it comes to providing their citizens with the most environmentally friendly and intelligent infrastructure possible. There is an abundance of research conducted or tested by the public sector in the fields of transport, the environment and intelligent housing and urban planning.. 

Our Food Industry Expert

The experts at ABGi combine for you a deep knowledge of the industry, a forward-looking vision of the market and a thorough analysis of all the available opportunities.


Christophe Aube, expert scientifique ABGi


Christophe AUBE, Scientific expert 

PhD in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry and Electrochemistry and University graduate in Inventions Patents, he has been advising clients on research tax incentives for 9 years, specialising in industrial sectors. He also carries out, in collaboration with our specialist partners (industrial property firms), assignments on innovation strategy and identification of industrial property opportunities for companies (pre-patentability studies of our clients’ inventions).


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