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Public sector


To meet the expectations of a changing society, government, local authorities and public and voluntary organisations must put performance at the heart of their strategy. 

Challenges in the sector


In high-tech sectors such as space, nuclear energy, health and heritage issues such as preventive archaeology, the public sector is a key player in basic and applied research, infrastructure development and long-term investment. 


Through its many entities (public bodies, research centres, universities, local authorities, hospitals, etc.), public sector R&D represents 1% of national GDP and reflects massive investment in the development of new knowledge, the promotion of innovation and support for public sector research. This investment is encouraged by national plans (France 2030) and European plans (FPRD, Horizon Europe). 

Technological issues


The status of public bodies varies widely and is important in determining their ability to benefit from different types of funding. 


The European Union, where competition is fierce, provides most of the potential grants and subsidies. The application procedures also require a structured and rigorous method of presentation. 


Making the most of research and disseminating the results are key issues for these structures to survive in the long term. 


Business models and R&D strategies need to be rethought in highly dynamic ecosystems as public funding becomes increasingly scarce. 

Multiple areas of innovation



Local authorities regularly work with pharmaceutical groups and university hospitals as part of open innovation initiatives or collaborative projects. 



Long-term research operations are largely supported by the CEA, ANDRA and ASN, for example. This field is one of France’s leading technological showcases for public research. 



It ensures the detection and scientific study of remains likely to be destroyed by development work. The State intervenes to safeguard archaeological heritage 

Smart Cities


Cities and regions are at the forefront of providing intelligent, environmentally-friendly infrastructures. Research is being carried out on transport, the environment and intelligent housing and urban planning. 

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